Camberley & District Probus Club

What is Probus?

Some men, upon reaching retirement, can find it difficult when searching for social interaction to replace contacts at work but those who join the Camberley & District Probus Club don’t experience such frustration. The difference involves living an active and interesting life, meeting a multitude of enthusiastic, creative people with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. On a regular basis, our large group mingle and exchange views before a formal set lunch followed by an after dinner speaker whose subjects range from autobiographies to histories through to the arts and humour. The Lunches & Speakers page and the Noticeboard list previous and currently planned speaker titles respectively.

In the initial mingle before lunch, club members learn about planned social events, including the Christmas lunch and the annual President’s Dinner with partners, through to the monthly programme of events and outings. Visits encompass National Trust and other historic properties [ previously…Waddesdon Manor, Chartwell, Stourhead and more], museums and exhibitions […Chihuly Glass sculpture, the Ashmolean Museum], trains, planes and cars […the Watercress Line, the Shuttleworth Collection, Jaguar production], nautical […Chatham Dockyard, canal trips] , establishment tours […USAF Air to Air refuelling, RNLI training Centre, Shakespeare Memorial Theatre], concerts and theatres […RAH, Chicago, Mamma Mia] through to other fascinating events and exhibits […Swan Upping , Old Bailey]. Club members enjoy quiz nights and friendly sports events […bowls match, golf day]. Events are aimed to excite, educate or enlighten – so forget boredom and lack of direction. Check us out with the reports of previous outings and the future outings schedule on the Outings & Vacations page and the Noticeboard respectively.

‘The Club Annual Holiday complements the programmes of lunches and outings with destinations in both the UK and Europe’

The Club Annual Holiday complements the programmes of lunches and outings with destinations in both the UK [previously…Ireland, Edinburgh, Northumberland, Norfolk] and Europe [… France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Croatia] where members and partners get to know each other in a range of locations and situations.

So expand your horizons, bring your enthusiasm and talents, join the club and make a difference to yourself and to the club’s precept of friendship, fellowship and more which has successfully and progressively evolved since 1969.