Lunches & Speakers

The lunch programme is currently suspended but the speaker programme continues via Zoom. Check the Noticeboard for upcoming speaker titles together with entertainment and other events.

Previous speaker titles

Note: Speaker events post March 2020 have been delivered via Zoom.

2 June 2021
Scams and How to Avoid Them [Zoom]
Brad Ashton
12th May 2021
The Job of a Laughtime [Zoom]
Brad Ashton
7th April 2021
The Mind of a Gambler [Zoom]
Paul Isherwood
3rd March 2021
Zeppelin – Ship of Dreams [Zoom]
David Skillen
3rd February 2021
The Work of English Heritage [Zoom]
Sam Stones, EH Property Curator/South
6th January 2021
HIdden Wonders of the Night Sky [Zoom]
Dr Lilian Hobbs
July 2020
Great (British) foods to build you natural resistance [link to GB nutrition guide]
Lucy Williamson
4th March 2020
Who has done more for Health; the Doctor, the Scientist or the Engineer?
Professor David Perrett
5th February 2020
Berlin – The Tale of an Extraordinary City, 1931-89
Alan Grace
8th January 2020
From Moscow to Milk of Magnesia, Her Life in the Foreign Office
Sheila Bevan
6th November 2019
Alan Boyd
2nd October 2019
Apollo 13, Disastrous Mission or Engineering Triumph?
Phil Whitemore
4th September 2019
The Jupiter Icy Missions Explorer
Dr Adam Masters
7th August 2019
The Work of the Government Chemist
Dr Kirstin Gray
3rd July 2019
Clandon Park Restoration
Janet Hughes
5th June 2019
Lasting Power of Attorney Made Simple
Jackie Lucas