Camberley & District Probus Club

The Grand Quiz Night 2014

Generally agreed by participants to be a good evening’s entertainment; a different mix of quizes to the previous year, with a balance tipped towards the arts – Art, Books, Music and Cinema.

The night started with a Quiz ‘Bones of the Body’ which was easy for Doctors, nurses and others with medical leanings but not so good for those who bodies pain them. The ‘Famous Five ‘and Bowled Over’ teams scored highly here. Following that was ‘Take Five’, where each general knowledge question had five inter-related answers (such as the five districts of New York) – but scored for each item known, so players didn’t have to know all five. Then onto ‘Arts, Books and Music’ on which most teams made a respectable score.

After a break for a delicious Fish and Chips supper to renew the enthusiasm, we had an audio quiz created by Mike Reed – teams had to identify the shows from which the selected tune came. This proved to be the lowest scoring round – so our memories of music are not so strong as memories of general knowledge. A picture quiz followed – teams had to identify the Breeds of the dogs pictured (an easy quiz for those who follow Crufts) and containing a range of common and more rare breeds. At the finish of the dog-race, all the 7 teams were fairly close, with scores within 20 points – ‘Bowled Over‘ leading, ‘Whits End’ hot on their heels, and the others accelerating fast.

The sixth Quiz sorted out those who were Cinema and Film buffs (or those who watch old films on TV) and scores varied appreciably.  So it was all down to the results of the Marathon Quiz (40 questions, all general knowledge), which had been running throughout the evening. Four teams had a chance of winning.

The general knowledge based Marathon subject matter was wide-ranging, and tested the teams to the full. But Whits End played a blinder on the Marathon, gaining five points on the rest. But a much closer competition than previous years, with scores of 95, 90, 82, and 80 for the top 4 teams.

Congratulations to ‘Whits End’, Bowled Over’, Loose Women+ 1’ and Ambitious.

A very enjoyable and exciting evening (and sometimes frustrating when the answers are revealed).The Winners took their prize away, and the many Raffle winners carried their valuable booty away too. Put the Brain away in the cupboard, and we will do it all again next year.  Thanks to all the Outings Team for creating and organising the quizzes, scoring, supper, wine and raffle.

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