Camberley & District Probus Club

Southampton Boat Trip, 20 June 2013

When we first announced this trip in December, we called it a Mystery Boat trip.

Well, that is what we got. Thick mist for the majority of the day – odd boats drifted into sight and then disappeared again, Ferrys came and went, we couldn’t see either coast. We could have been drifting across the Channel for all we knew – then suddenly, in the middle of lunch, we were very close to large moored grey boats, and I thought we had reached Le Havre – until I realised that they don’t have a Spinnaker in Le Havre -So all was well, we were in Portsmouth and still in UK. And to prove that, the mist lifted in the last 15 minutes sailing, and there was Southampton again. And no need to use the lifejackets   Despite that, we had a very nice leisurely lunch , plenty of educated  conversation and companionship.  .  Many people have said ‘can we do it again next year?’. That must be a good recommendation.

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