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Kew Gardens, August 2017

The day dawned dull(ish), but dry. Our coach had the fastest ever run into West London, arriving early. So we had to “talk among ourselves” for 10 minutes before being allowed in for a coffee and a day exploring. The highlights were the new Treetop Walk, and the “Hive”.

The Walk was reached by spiral stairs, or by a lift, up high among the treetops, with good views across the Gardens. A very substantial, safe and easy walk high off the ground was a novel experience.

The Hive was a representation of a bee hive, made of aluminium struts bolted together to form a truly immense “hive”. From a distance the external struts were arranged to look like a swarm of bees around their hive. Walking around inside the hive one could hear the sound of bees going about their business in a nearby real hive, and a recording of two queen bees fighting for territory.

The view across the pond towards the Palm House and the colourful flower beds in front was as photogenic as ever. The Princess of Wales Conservatory is always noteworthy, with its different climatic zones. At the other end of the gardens, the freshly restored Japanese Gateway and garden was on view. The Pagoda, however, was shrouded in scaffolding for restoration work. Likewise the Temperate Glass House. Several of our group visited Kew Palace, with its many points of interest.

For the weary of foot the hop on – hop off “Discovery Bus” made light work of the tour, whilst the several restaurants served the inner man/woman.

Treetop Walk

Outing to Kew Gardens – August 2017

The Hive – Interior

The Hive – Exterior

Palm House Flower Beds

Princess of Wales Glasshouse

Japanese Gate & Garden

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