Camberley & District Probus Club

BBC at Broadcasting House, 16 September 2014

An all-embracing tour of Broadcasting House ranged from a short synopsis of the history of the BBC and their pride in the range and scope of its coverage (claimed to be third-largest in the world),  through to modern programmes and technology. We started at the News room and saw the familiar News presentation cubicle, and the hoard of people tracking news items, but also learned about the different sources of news which range from the BBCs own reporters (UK and abroad and satellite links), down to the modern public communications channels, such as Twitter, where certain categories of breaking news actually occur, and the need to verify the source, before using it.  Onto the mock-up News room, where 3 of our Members had the opportunity to read the News using the auto-cue and video interrupts, and present the Weather forecast – fascinating – but I think our Members need a bit more practice before standing in as replacements for real newsreaders.

Onto the ONE Show studio– extremely small, compared to how it comes across when viewing, and the opportunity to sit on the Guests Settee. A quick look at the ‘Shows theatre’ – revealing some of its original Art-deco fittings, and where many radio shows go out live or are recorded – and learning how the proximity of the studio to the Underground line, meant the noise found its way onto recordings.. Back to the radio side and an opportunity to for several Members  to participate in a short radio play, and view the secrets of sound-effects – fun all round

Agreed by all participants as a very enjoyable and educational day, well organised by Steve Duckworth.

Presenting the weather Probus style. Compare the blank wall behind our presenter and the visible screen… and then we pan over the News Room to the mezzanine and the real BBC weather presenter.
Left to right: Camberley Probus on the One Show’ green settee. The News according to Camberley Probus. The Tardis in the cafe minus Doctor and assistant.

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