Camberley & District Probus Club

Holiday to Chester, 13- 17 July 2015

Our first destination was in Wales, but we were destined not to reach it without incident, since the coach broke down en-route. Plan B featured delaying our reservation on the Lee Valley Railway, an impromptu Al Fresco lunch, and arranging a local coach to get us to LLangollen. Once there, we joined the vintage engine and carriages to trundle gracefully along, following the course of the river, viewing fields of sheep and cattle, through a tunnel, and multiple bridges over the river.  The return stopped at stations Berwyn, Carrog,  Coren and and Glynyfrdwee. A treat for the railway enthusiasts amongst us.

Smoke dispersed. Engine required?

Llangollen Steam Railway

A good night’s sleep at the Mercure Hotel, revived us for Chester, only a stones throw away. A tour of the towns historic hotspots by (replaced) coach with guide Mary Ann Cameron, was supplemented by a walking tour with Mary or Gerry Tighe, which together, completed an excellent exposition of the history of Chester.  with explanations of the 3 layers of Roman ampitheatres (built one on top of the other), the history of the development of the Rows – the historic shops (also built one on top of the other), and examples of ghosts in the town –almost every shop and building seemed to have a tale of some form of voices, apparition, visitation or manifestation. During free time in Chester, Members listened to the town crier, visited the cathedral for a light lunch (or even starred in the Korean veterans celebration).

The miscreant in the stocks. The Probus rabble awaiting word from Chesters’ Town Crier to start pelting the poor woman.

The Chester “Rows”

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