Camberley & District Probus Club

Grand Quiz Night 2013

The Grand Quiz Night 2013 was generally agreed to be a good evening’s entertainment, but slightly harder than last year, and more favourable to those who specialise in crosswords, crozzles and anagrams.

The night started with an easy Quiz of Twisted British Towns and continued into European Flags, which proved that most of us still only recognise our near neighbours’ flags, and have little idea of the wider EU.  Judged to be the most difficult Quiz, with teams averaging less than half the flags right.

Then onto the Weather quiz, and recognising cloud formations; unsurprisingly, the ex-pilots did well on this quiz. By half-time, the team named We Haven’t Got One Yet  was leading and the Optimists were second.

After the meal break, the quiz “Events in History” was also judged to be difficult and Dingbats drove some contestants crazy. The Marathon,  The world We Live , favoured the well-travelled. But had some multiple choice questions to help those who were just guessing. The Young Ones  team had been joint leaders after the six quizzes, but suddenly sprinted in the Marathon, to be judged Winners , with the team Five Loose Women and their Minder coming second.

So another close contest this year, but put the brain cells back in the cupboard, and bring them out again next year.

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