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British Airways Heritage Museum at Waterside, 26 April 2018

Waterside is a fascinating location situated just off Heathrow Airport. It is the  BA Admin. Head Office, with Lawyers, Personnel (HR) etc, Cabin Crew Training Centre, plus the Heritage Centre. The spine  of the building is a long glass atrium, known as the “Street”, with many trees and a small stream – all enclosed, with coffee shops, snack bars, Waitrose, multiple meeting areas, and with offices leading off the Street.. The main landing gear of a modern airliner formed an entrance arch. Seen close up the sheer size of just the wheels was impressive. There was a redundant nose cone  off a Concorde. Open plan working, etc very busy – exciting ’Buzz’ ’Needed Security badges.

The Heritage Centre had many models of historical aeroplanes, examples of navigation equipment (pre-GPS !) Uniforms display, memorabilia. The Seating displays gave one the opportunity  to sit  in a current First class sleeper, with mechanised bed  – and a  Concorde seat). One of the volunteers gave an excellent  30/40 mins talk about BA’s origins, from Imperial Airways at Croydon,Airport, onwards – Empire route, flying boats, BOAC, BEA, BSAA, Dan Air, Caledonian Airways, groupings. He had film of Chamberlain with his  ‘Peace in our time’ on the steps of a British plane, then Princess Elizabeth in Keyna and other important events, and described evolution of aircraft types etc etc. Very interesting. Entertaining speaker, and an excellent day.

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