Camberley & District Probus Club

Bletchley Park, 7th March 2024

Photos & Article: Stephen Bishop.

The first outing of 2024, a leisurely jaunt up the M1 and sunset on the way home on the M3. Even if you have been to Bletchley before, it was a really interesting day, the guide, a seasoned veteran in the history of Bletchley Park was excellent. He brought the place to life with the stories and real memories from the past.

It was not just about enigma machines and code cracking, it was a full scale intelligence factory, making sense out of the enemy communications, and infiltrating it with counter interference. The success of the operation at Bletchley was estimated to have shortened the war by 2 years and saved 14m lives.

Deciphering intelligence messages was a very manual process, one letter at a time, and each letter had to be transcribed 4 times, not much different from WhatsApp today.

Thanks to Stephen Bishop for arranging.

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