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Billy Elliot Musical at Victoria Theatre London, 22 January 2015

It was a change to visit a very old theatre, with plush furnishings all over, and a design such that you had to pass through the bars to get from anywhere to anywhere.

It was easy to see why the show has been running successfully for 6 years in London – it had everything – a great storyline of Maggie Thatcher, the mining community, the impact of the miner’s strike, and the clashes between the police and miners.  Overlay that with elements of youngsters aspirations and  family disagreements.  Although difficult at first to understand the northern vernacular, and ignoring the swearing, it became familiar by the second half.  There was skilful and intricate dancing at all levels, and a large chorus, with complex interlacing of dance groups. The singing was forceful and reflected the setting. The props and scenery were ingenious, providing many variations, and quick transformations such that, even when the miners went back to work after the strike, the group of miners with their miners lamps shining into the audience, sunk slowly down the mine shaft, whilst singing, in the dark. Excellent theatrics and a thoroughly enjoyable show.

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