Camberley & District Probus Club

Barrow Boys & Bankers, 20 February 2018

Excellent day out.   Very impressed by the Bank of England Museum – fully up to date with the latest high security notes and liked the little toy yacht on which Mark Carney uses a Tiller to steer the ship and presses the Red and Blue buttons to control Inflation and Quantitative easing. We all had a go at lifting a gold bar (a real gold bar).

We had an excellent ‘Proper Steak Pie’ for lunch with good service and great atmosphere in the Counting House Pub.

For centuries the City was a closed shop. Only Livery Company members could ply their trades – foreigners, whether from Deptford or abroad, had to settle outside the walls. Huguenots, fleeing France, brought silk weaving to Spitalfields just outside the City. Their grand Georgian houses, some of the best preserved in the country, would go on to house successive waves of new arrivals from the English countryside as well as the four corners of the Globe.  

After lunch we did a guided walking tour of Spitalfields area -history very interesting, how the emphasis changed with the resident nationalities changed Hugenots, Georgian Houses Jewish Soup kitchens – with garrets housing looms etc – very lively, enlivened further with a bloodthirsty description of Jack the Rippers murders. It was a contrast to the usual ‘Historic Buildings’ walkarounds. C&V trip, Well organised by Steve Duckworth.

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