Report on Outing ‘London Unlimited and Household Cavalry’ Thurs 24th Jan 2013  

The weather was cold but no snow in the centre of London, so it did not detract from a great day, with something to suit everyone. Those who went to the Household cavalry, were treated to a very good guide who described the 350 years of the fascinating history of the Cavalry  – we saw changing of the Guards on Horseguards Parade and went into the Stables afterwards to see the horses being unsaddled, bridles removed , and the very young Guardsmen. We learnt the tricks of the trade - smallest guardsmen have the tallest horses, so when you look along the line of guards, all the helmet plumes are at the same height. And the derivation of sayings such as ’reading the riot act’.

In the afternoon, at the National Portrait Gallery, on the interactive system, I found out that you can loan some of the paintings out – but you have to pay the transport and insurance costs, and there has to be a potential benefit to the National Portrait Galley . But they won’t loan to individuals, so I thought they might loan some paintings out to Probus, to hang in the baronial hall at lunches, but then realised Probus probably couldn’t even raise the cost of the insurance. Those who went to other Museums. reported being engrossed in the material available.

And an added bonus -Robert Winslades new coach was very comfortable and provided a smooth journey, both ways despite slow traffic.  John Clarke's organisation was excellent, being on-schedule throughout the day.

Report on Outing to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre at Guildford.on 14Feb 2013  We enjoyed a hilarious time at the comedy Yes, Prime Minister on Valentine's Day.  The play followed in the true traditions of the TV series, with the clash between the Prime Minister, Jim Hacker being his usual blundering, vain, self-serving and self-publicising personality.

Versus Sir Humphry, being incredibly intelligent, efficient, purposeful and effortlessly managing the mighty civil service machine whilst at the same time being arrogant, devious, deceitful and never missing the an opportunity to advance the welfare of his profession. and seeking to protect it against political interference.

All within the Whitehall Environment with a coalition government.

The plot was far fetched with convoluted oil pipelines, call-girls , kitchen maids and randy foreign diplomats. And the acting was superb, not only the verbal battles, but also physical with the prime Minister reduced to grovelling under his desk. And the script was entirely contemporary, quoting events which had happened the previous day.

And a free theatre programme and Valentines chocolates for the ladies. rounded off a very enjoyable afternoon at the theatre.

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