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2018Outings Reports 39

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. Barrow Boys and Bankers’ 20 Feb 2018

Excellent day out.   Very impressed by the Bank of England Museum - fully up to date with the latest high security notes and liked the little toy yacht on which Mark Carney uses a Tiller to steer the ship and presses the Red and Blue buttons to control Inflation and Quantitative easing. We all had a go at lifting a gold bar (a real gold bar).

We had an excellent ‘Proper Steak Pie' for lunch with good service and great atmosphere in the Counting House Pub.

For centuries the City was a closed shop. Only Livery Company members could ply their trades - foreigners, whether from Deptford or abroad, had to settle outside the walls. Huguenots, fleeing France, brought silk weaving to Spitalfields just outside the City. Their grand Georgian houses, some of the best preserved in the country, would go on to house successive waves of new arrivals from the English countryside as well as the four corners of the Globe.  

After lunch we did a guided walking tour of Spitalfields area -history very interesting, how the emphasis changed with the resident nationalities changed Hugenots, Georgian Houses Jewish Soup kitchens - with garrets housing looms etc - very lively, enlivened further with a bloodthirsty description of Jack the Rippers murders. It was a contrast to the usual 'Historic Buildings' walkarounds. C&V trip, Well organised by Steve Duckworth.

. Mountbatten Festival of Music   Royal Albert Hall   9th March 2018

The Festival showcased the Pageantry, the outstanding versatility and incredible musicianship. of some of the world’s finest military musicians in a wide range of musical styles, including music from the big screen and superb solo items  Forecast as being 200 instrumentalists - four times the size of the normal RLC concert, but we didn’t expect them to all be playing at once. Loud – especially Corps of Drums (30) + the regular Drummer.

Good range of music and soloists – but had not expected so strong Rock and Roll content or the sobering WW1 Centenary tribute - specially–composed with video. Balanced by the comic Flight of the Bumblebee. David Suchet compering

. British Airways Heritage Museum at Waterside   26th April 2018

Waterside is a fascinating location situated just off Heathrow Airport. It is the  BA Admin. Head Office, with Lawyers, Personnel (HR) etc, Cabin Crew Training Centre, plus the Heritage Centre. The spine  of the building is a long glass atrium, known as the "Street", with many trees and a small stream - all enclosed, with coffee shops, snack bars, Waitrose, multiple meeting areas, and with offices leading off the Street.. The main landing gear of a modern airliner formed an entrance arch. Seen close up the sheer size of just the wheels was impressive. There was a redundant nose cone  off a Concorde. Open plan working, etc very busy – exciting ’Buzz’ ’Needed Security badges.

The Heritage Centre had many models of historical aeroplanes, examples of navigation equipment (pre-GPS !) Uniforms display, memorabilia. The Seating displays gave one the opportunity  to sit  in a current First class sleeper, with mechanised bed  - and a  Concorde seat). One of the volunteers gave an excellent  30/40 mins talk about BA's origins, from Imperial Airways at Croydon,Airport, onwards - Empire route, flying boats, BOAC, BEA, BSAA, Dan Air, Caledonian Airways, groupings. He had film of Chamberlain with his  'Peace in our time' on the steps of a British plane, then Princess Elizabeth in Keyna and other important events, and described evolution of aircraft types etc etc. Very interesting. Entertaining speaker, and an excellent day.